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Ponikemon Duo of Johto by MySweetQueen

i love this!!!!! i recently got heartgold and soulsilver pokemon and i love ponikemon. the lugia is very feminine looking, as water is considered to be a feminine element, but you portray her as a very strong, proud, undefeatable queen. the ho-oh is a very masculine image here and his spectacular colours portray pride and battle prowess. his mane is like the head feathers of the ho-oh. i like how their cutie marks are the heartgold and soulsilver signs and they have a bandanna(it looks like a bandanna to me) tied around their neck which also has the sign on it. this is great technique but though it is fantastic, nothing in the world is perfect, so you can improve, but so can everybody. it is a beautiful, strong image tat represents the two pokemon as ponikemon very well. it is a very original idea and i find it very striking.

keep up the good work and remember, you can always get a little bit better.
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